The Sundance Film Festival has been going on for a few days now, and major studios are starting to snatch up films left and right. The latest purchase comes from Lionsgate who’s decided to take on the claustrophobic Rodrigo Cortes thriller, Buried. It stars Ryan Reynolds, and his performance along with the overall story must have made quite an impression because it’s landed the film a distribution home.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Lionsgate has just secured Buried for 3.2 million dollars, which is a great deal considering the movie cost 3 million to make. “The movie unfolds entirely within the confines of a coffin buried somewhere in Iraq. Trapped inside the cramped wooden box is Paul Conroy, a civilian truck driver who has been captured following a roadside bombing of his convoy. His unseen captors are seeking a $5-million ransom, and Conroy has only a mobile phone (with a dying battery) to somehow try to raise the money.”

Bidding on the film started early Sunday morning and landed in the winning hands of Lionsgate. Since the majority of the film takes place inside of a coffin, Cortes used a total of seven during the shoot, which took place in Spain. Buried was shot for a super low budget, and Reynolds stated that he didn’t use a stunt double for the film’s most dangerous scenes. Early reactions to its Sundance screening have been mostly positive, but if you want to see what we thought about it, check out our Sundance review.

Are you interested in seeing Buried at your local theater?