The production of Ghostbusters 3 was confirmed a week or so ago, and now we’re hearing about another popular eighties franchise rising from the ashes. Joe Dante‘s horror comedy, Gremlins spawned two films with the last one debuting back in 1990. It’s been over ten years since we’ve seen Gizmo and the gang and it sounds like we might get a reunion, but in 3-D.

Where could the Gremlins go after their sequel, The New Batch? Rumors have been circulating for years that Dante would dust off the little monsters and put them back on the big screen. Over at Market Saw, they ran a report stating that Gremlins 3 is currently being developed and it will be produced using 3-D technology. They clarified that this news isn’t referring to a 3-D conversion of the original film, but an entirely new movie. It’s still in the early stages and has several hurdles to get over, but the project is a go.

If you’re wondering about Dante’s involvement in all of this, we’re unsure. The director does have a film coming out this year called The Hole, but other than that we don’t know his plans for the future. It would be great to get the old gang back together including executive producer Steven Spielberg and writer Chris Columbus. They were like the dream team of horror comedy.

Do you think they should make another Gremlins movie? Should they put it in 3-D?