Sorry for posting this a bit late. Between wandering around in the snow, getting lost on the shuttles, and seeing as many movies as possible, I didn’t get a chance to post this and it’s a shame because this is one of the coolest things I’ve found at Sundance so far. If there were ever a chance for a young, never heard before filmmaker to get into Sundance for the first time, this is it.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a talented actor for some time, but this time at the festival he wants to do more than just promote his films, he wants to help young filmmakers make films and participate in Sundance. Joseph began a new kind of production company out of his love for technology and art.

He along with his team from made a trip to Park City to get in on the Sundance experience and hopefully gain some exposure for its followers. Here’s the basics of what hitRECord is all about…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: is this website that I started five years ago that has slowly evolved. We’re full-fledged professionals, which means the projects that I’m working on here in these short films, these pieces of music, and this writing and stuff that I’m making here, anybody in the world can come and collaborate with me. That’s what I want and that’s what I’m counting on. We’re going to be able to get all of this work done because we’re going to have the help of an entire global online community.

It’s a collaborative production company I started because I’ve been an actor for years and recently I’ve become fortunate enough that I can get projects around and start a production company. I figured if I’m going to start a production company, why don’t I open it up for the whole world so that everyone who wants to can come collaborate with me.

Are you hoping that people take that idea and open up different versions of it everywhere? Where do you start?

Joseph: It happens globally, naturally, because it’s all online. As far as creating physical spaces like that, sure. Ultimately maybe we’ll have more than one. Will other people do it? Yeah, other people are already doing their own versions of it. I would never claim that there’s anything technically unique about hitRECord. It’s not so much the technology. It’s more about the art that we make with the technology.

What can someone use at home to make projects for the site?

Joseph: Anything! If you make videos, if you make music, if you write, if you photoshop, take photos, all of that is useful to us on hitRECord. We have projects using all those types. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a little handy-cam or professional level equipment, we run the gamut. Contributions are equally valuable from people who are hobbyists to pros.

How will you narrow down the winners of your Sundance contest?

Joseph: We’re probably going to have an hour long screening of short films. So I don’t know how many we’ll end up with. Probably like 10 short films or something like that. Like this short film that’s on right now that’s a collaboration between 10 people or something like that. A lot of people will end up working together.

What do you see in the future for hitRECord?

Joseph: The future of the project, you know, we’re going to make whole movies. We’re going to put out books and photography, DVDs, I wanna have a space. I want to have a place, like a cinema, and performances venues, but also space for people to congregate and make stuff, kind of like this space. These are some of the ambitions I see in the future.

Joseph also made it a point to add that if you got o hitRECord and create something that can be used in the movie, not only will you get paid for it but your work will be screened at Sundance on the 29th! Go from dreaming of one day being at the festival to having your work in it within the next week. It’s not to late to participate either, just go to

If you don’t quite feel ready to participate but want to take a peak into the wonderful world of hitRECord and their Sundance experience here’s a video of Levitt preparing for the site’s exhibit at the festival.

Will you submit?