After a very long and cold day I walked into a cramped theater with my eyes ready to close and wondered why I wasn’t it bed. Luckily I found my answer…. I was there because Buried is quite possibly the best film I’ve seen in Sundance so far. Not only did the opening scene slap me awake but it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next until the credits rolled… and even after it took me a good hour to settle down.

Who would have suspected that a movie taking place within one coffin and would be the most fast paced, cutting edge, well made movie I’ve seen so far this festival. Unlike many of the other films that I’ve seen which all look like they could use some cleaning up, this one is polished and ready for theaters.

Overall, this is by far the best “film experience” I’ve had at the festival, with communal groans and squeals from the audience, everyone was having a painfully good time and you could hear it. Director Rodrigo Cortes literally takes a tiny space and makes an entire world out of it. He is definitely a director to keep your eye on in the future.

Ryan Reynolds is one of those few actors that can keep your completely entertained and carry you from start to finish all by himself. Even when he’s stuck in a box, he’s able to keep you captivated and even make you laugh hysterically when you least expect it.

The only gripe I could possibly come up with is that his cell phone worked better underground than mine ever does anywhere else is a bit suspcious (but I’m more than willing to blame that one AT&T) and it had a killer battery life, they did deal with both of those issues and it’s something you easily go with for thre sake of the movie.

Rating: 9/10