Last night fans of the MTV series “Jersey Shore” had to say goodbye to the cast as they aired the season finale. The show has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon landing magazine covers, and spawning several internet parodies. The latest “Jersey Shore” satire comes from “The Late Late Show’sCraig Ferguson, who put his spin on the series by coming up with Jersey Shore: The Movie. It stars Mila Kunis as Snooki, Thomas Lennon as “The Situation,” and Nick Lachey as Ronnie, which was excellent casting by the way.

In the midst of the late night war that’s been dominated by both Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno, we’ve forgotten about the awesome comedic talent of Ferguson. Last night he put together a fake trailer for a Jersey Shore movie that featured some familiar faces from the past and the present. You should also keep an eye out for a popular Italian video game icon, that Ferguson himself brings to life.

The plot for the “movie” is pretty straight forward. It centers on a group of young Italian-Americans from New York/New Jersey vacationing on the shore for the summer. Plenty of stereotypes ensue including their love of ham, calzones, and hair gel. How did this show get to be so popular? Damn you MTV!

Here’s the trailer for Jersey Shore: The Movie…

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What do you think of The Late Late Show’s take on The Jersey Shore?