Our last exposure to the Planet of the Apes franchise came courtesy of Tim Burton’s 2001 remake that featured Mark Wahlberg in the lead role. The movie was a modest success, but nothing to write home about so why is 20th Century Fox trying to make another one? Over at Vulture they’re reporting that the Apes aren’t dead and the studio wants them to live again.

A few years after the release of the revamped Planet of the Apes, a new film went into development but over time movement on the project stopped. It took a major blow when news spread that screenwriter Scott Frank (Minority Report) decided to jump ship leaving the reboot without a script. But now, Fox has hired Jamie Moss to rework Frank’s story with original writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver being brought back to polish the dialogue.

It turns out that the studio wanted to go in a different creative direction than Frank who was set as the writer and director for the film. A new helmer has yet to be hired, but they’ve still got time while the screenplay is being finished. The film will be produced by Peter Chernin, and is going by the code name “Caesar.” If the name sounds random, it’s because it highlights the central character of the new Ape film.

Vulture states that Frank’s script, ”showed how genetic experiments on apes led to their evolutionary eclipse of humans. ‘Caesar’ refers to the genetically altered leader of the simian rebellion, so dubbed because the ape was capable of grand strategic thinking on par with Julius Caesar. The ‘Caesar’ code name also foreshadowed the script’s plot: Like the actual Julius Caesar, the ape begins a (wait for it … ) guerrilla war and emerges the emperor of the known world.”

Sounds exciting (shifty eyes). Even though Frank is no longer involved with this project (lucky him) he’s busy at work penning a script for the upcoming DJ Caruso film, I Am Number Four. It’s a sci-flick about aliens who come to earth and hide amongst humans. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more interesting than what they’re trying to pull with Planet of the Apes.

Do you think they should make a reboot of Planet of the Apes? Who should direct the new film?