Last year, I remember hearing about the film Cyrus and the one thing that stuck out from it was the casting of Jonah Hill. It wasn’t because he’s so funny, or he’s the best actor in the world, it was because he was cast as Marisa Tomei‘s son. Even though the Oscar winning actress could play a young mom to Hill, physically they sound like an odd pairing. Over at Apple, they released the first trailer for Cyrus and we finally get to see the relationship between these two in action…

Cyrus centers on a divorced man named John who meets a beautiful woman (Molly) and thinks she may be the “one.” The only problem is her grown, 21 year old son Cyrus, who has an unhealthy attachment to her. Cyrus and John engage in moments of male bonding, as a means to sabotage one another’s plan to eliminate the competition. It’s a dark comedy directed by Jay and Mark Duplass, and co-stars John C. Reilly and Catherine Keener.

After watching the trailer, you can easily see that this film is filled with comedy, but with a few serious moments in between. Hill’s interpretation of Cyrus is a lot more subtle than the work he’s done with his previous characters. There are even moments between him and Tomei that appear genuinely dramatic. Could this be the beginning of something new for the actor?

Here’s the trailer for Cyrus

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What do you think of Hill’s performance in Cyrus?