Woke up at 7 this morning so I could head out into the snow and over to the press office to request tickets for Howl tonight. The press gets one free ticket a day (2 after Monday) and it’s always a race to see who gets the few tickets available. Sadly, the shuttles were not running and the buses were all behind schedule due to the massive amount of snow and ice on the road. I was planning on being the first person in line at 8 am but sadly, I didn’t get there until almost 9 and mostly everyone else had already placed their requests and had been rejected.

I did however get a ticket for Resperto tonight, Hesher and The Company Men tomorrow, and Buried the next day. Of course I’ll be covering more than that, but those are the premieres/public screenings that I’ve managed to get access to.

I’m going at 3:30 to see if I’ve been approved a ticket for Spike Jonze’s series of dramatic shorts and then off to wait in line for two hours in hopes that we’ll be able to make it into Howl via the waiting list. Normally I don’t mind waiting an extra day or two to see a movie, but aside from tonight almost every other screening of the film is on the opposite side of Sundance.

You can view my fight for Howl tickets in one of the video blogs recently posted over at /Film.

I did just wandered into a New Frontier exhibit where they were they had a ton of interesting new technologies pertaining to the film industry. In one room you would type a few things into a computer and then you would look into a “reflection” of yourself and it would have thought-bubbles above your head of things you’ve recently done. It did project recent tweets which I imagine could have been rather embarrassing for some. There was another room where they projected an image on screen which could only be seen with night goggles. One of my favorites came from Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s new production company, in which anyone can assist in the making of a film (and get paid for it if it’s picked) and have it screened at Sundance on the 29th! How cool is that?

I have more info and a brief interview on Levitt’s creation, until then, I’m off to hear what Robert Redford has to say about the state of Sundance.

Stay tuned….