Samuel L. Jackson is going to hell and he’s taking that good looking guy from Transformers with him. According a report over at Latino Review, Jackson will team up with Josh Duhamel in his upcoming film Sympathy for the Devil. Duhamel will next star in the romantic comedy When in Rome with Kristen Bell so he’s looking to compensate his manhood by signing on to an action flick with the baddest motherf*cker around.

It’s interesting how this film’s development has leaked around the time that Scott Stewart‘s Legion is set to hit theaters. Both films center on a war between supernatural worlds. Jackson and Duhamel will play two men who have to navigate during the battle between heaven and hell. The film will be directed by Boaz Yakin, who directed the 2000 feature Remember the Titans.

The official synopsis for the film describes Duhamel’s character as a “Louisiana lawman” named Harlan Stark whose intervention of a preacher’s assassination escalates into a cosmic confrontation between Heaven and Hell, where angels are warriors as dangerous as demons. Harlan and his partner Jesse (Jackson) are the only ones standing between the forces fighting the spiritual war with neither side backing down.

At first glance this sounds like a campy fantasy film, with a mix of Prophecy. I’ve even heard some comparisons to The Omen but that would be giving them too much credit. I’ll have to take a look at a photo or a trailer before any judgment is passed on this film. I’m going to need more than the catchy title of an old rock song to get me on board.

What do you think about Sympathy for the Devil? Does it sound like campy fun or will you pass?