The premiere of the sixth and final season of ABC’s “Lost is upon us and the countdown is on. The network has released a new promo trailer for the series that shows the cast’s humble beginnings as a group of strangers, with an unknown connection. The music goes well with the overall message of the video that emphasizes “the beginning of the end…”

After 6 successful seasons trapped on an island, the passengers of the mystical Oceanic Flight 815 will receive some type of closure. It’s an interesting concept considering several of them were able to escape the island only to return to “make things right.” The following video features the majority of the show’s characters, past and present, which might mean a few of them will make another appearance during the final season.

Both Dominic Monaghan and Elizabeth Mitchell‘s characters Charlie and Juliet have been rumored to return despite their unfortunate deaths. We do know for sure that Emilie de Ravin will reprise her role as Claire, Jack’s half-sister and the young mother to Aaron. Will we get to finally have a scene between the two as sister and brother before the show ends? I hope so!

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What do you think of the latest promo for Lost?