The drama surrounding the Universal remake of The Wolfman refuses to go away. If it’s not the release date, it’s the director, or in this case the musical score. Over the past year, the movie has hit several stumbling blocks including the loss of its composer. Originally, Danny Elfman was on board to tackle The Wolfman‘s music, but left the project back in November. He was then replaced by Paul Haslinger, whose previous works include the Underworld series and Death Race.

Now, we’re hearing that Elfman’s score might be used in the film after all, which adds a lot of confusion considering the nearing release date. The composer is currently busy with other projects most notably Alice in Wonderland, so how will Universal pull this off? According to Cinemusic, “Haslinger is out and additional composers have been brought back in to stitch it all together using ideas from Elfman’s material.” This will be hard to accomplish since the final cut for the film could be drastically different from the one Elfman was inspired by.

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Elfman’s sound is unique and like no one elses. If anyone knows how to score a Gothic-horror movie it’s him. The Wolfman hits theaters on February 12th, so the studio and director Joe Johnston don’t have much time to get this together. What do you think should happen?

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