After as brief hiatus for the holidays, Do Not Disturb is almost fully edited with music, Foley, and an awesome animation by Andy Windak on it’s way. After looking through all five films, although I loved what we shot, I wanted a little bit more of a set up for the film as a whole and each story individually soooo… welcome to the underbelly of our currently unnamed hotel! Maureen and I grabbed Death Takes a Holiday Inn director Brandon Nicholas, a small crew of Zach Voytas (DP), Tyler Harrison (AC), Drew Aiello (Gaffer), Sahib Dhanjal (AD), Brent DeGraff (DIT), and Edan Mason (Sound) and some equipment from Indie Rentals (yet again, the best place to rent from in LA for indie filmmakers) and put everyone in the two tinniest shooting spaces we could find and shot 14 more pages written by yours truly in two days!

The first day was the hardest because we had a lot of equipment and props in one tiny basement. There are very few basements in LA to choose from, luckily my dad and step-mom were kind enough to clear out their basement to let us shoot in but it was still a tight squeeze (as you can see from the pictures below). The second day we shot in an actual laundry room. The space was not huge, but after the previous day, we were grateful for whatever movement we had.

We got our maid fleet (Diva Zappa, Emilee Annine, Summer Harlow and Alison Segura), bell boy (Clay Dzygun) and hotel manager (Richard Nason) ready and shot some great footage! Check out some photos from behind the scenes…