We all knew the sequel to Paranormal Activity would be coming sooner or later, the first film made too much money for Paramount to pass up. Now the low-budget goldmine will return with a follow up that will be helmed by Kevin Greutert, aka the guy who directed Saw VI. Does this smell like a match made in heaven or a disaster waiting to happen?

According to THR’s Heat Vision blog, Paramount has hired screenwriter Michael R. Perry and director Kevin Greutert to create the sequel to one of last year’s biggest hits. Paranormal Activity became a national phenomenon scoring plenty of magazine and internet coverage. It was produced for a mere 15,000 dollars and went on to gross over a 150 million, and with a return of that size the studio wants to capitalize. This time original director Oren Peli will step away from the camera and take over the producing role for the sequel, which Greutert will helm.

You would think that Peli would be afraid to hand over his creation to someone else, but he has faith that the new team knows what they’re doing. He stated, “These guys get it, and the fans won’t be disappointed.” It’s great that he’s so optimistic about this next movie, because I’m not. Everytime studio’s try to recreate the magic of these original indie flicks it always goes terribly wrong. We all remember what happened to The Blair Witch 2, right?

What do you think about Kevin Greutert taking on the sequel to Paranormal Activity?