There are a lot of movies rolling onto DVD this week, just none that we really care about. This is one of those weeks where you go to Blockbuster (or look at the Netflix new release page) and end up wandering to the middle of the store to get that old Woody Allen movie you’ve been meaning to see.

Of course, this eclectic barrage of DVD newness could just mean there’s something out there for everybody.

Check it all out…


The Invention of Lying

After creating two of the five funniest series of the last decade and then rattling off gems like he was yawning at the Golden Globes Sunday night, there is only one thing to ask about Ricky Gervais – why can’t he create a good movie?

Anybody who saw this film understands the disappointment inherent therein. It’s a great premise (a man becomes the first person ever to lie) and is brimming with genius actors. But, it just isn’t that good.

And how is this? How can Ricky Gervais be one of the best in a variety of forums (TV, radio, podcasting, stand up, awards show appearances) yet can’t quite connect when it comes to film?

Who knows? Maybe he needs Stephen Merchant, who is fortunately co-writing and co-directing Gervais’ next film, Cemetery Junction.

In the meantime, we’ll have to content ourselves with this DVD.


It’s amazing the epics that just disappear as quickly as they arrive.  Che had all the makings of something that should rake in awards and debut to rapturous acclaim.

It featured an Oscar-winning star (Benicio Del Toro) an Oscar-winning and wildly successful director (Steven Soderbergh), deals with a controversial and notorious historical figure (Che Guevara) and told the story on an epic four-hour scale.

Then it came out, and then it left theaters about 30 seconds later.

It’s strange, because this was a fine film, certainly not worse than many of the epics that gain such amazing traction (certainly better than The Reader) yet it gets tossed out, kind of like Cradle Will Rock in the early part of the decade. That could’ve been Reds and now everybody who just read the last sentence doesn’t even know what movie I’m referencing.

Luckily, we have a Criterion Collection Blu-Ray available so this movie isn’t completely lost.



“Weeds” – Season 5

What do we make of Weeds at this point? It’s gone so far away from its original intent (suburban satire about small-time pot dealing) and gone into a full-blown comedy featuring border patrols, Mexican drug lords and pregnancies galore.

Not to mention Alanis Morisette.

Yes, if you’re one of the many premium channel DVD junkies who watch their faves only when they hit disc, that’s what you have to look forward to in season five.

Subtraction by addition?  You be the judge when you buy the DVD.


  • “Dallas”: Season 12 – Buy Now
  • “Damages”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Defying Gravity”: Season 1 – Buy Now
  • “The Game”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Girlfriends”: The Final Season – Buy Now
  • “Law & Order”: Season 7 – Buy Now
  • “thirtysomething”: Season 2 – Buy Now

What DVDs are you looking forward to buying this week?