How the hell did we go from Marc Webb being a candidate to direct the Spider-Man reboot, to him having a three picture deal?! Talk about going from one extreme to the next, but that’s what the folks over at Vulture are claiming as the latest Spidey development. According to them, they’ve been exclusively informed that Sony will soon announce Webb’s placement as the director of the new Spider-Man franchise.

Update: Sony has just sent out an official press release confirming Marc Webb’s gig as the new director of Spider-Man. Within their statement they don’t clarify if his contract is for three films, which makes sense considering the first one hasn’t even come out yet. But he will be the first one to tackle their new vision of the darker more contemporary Peter Parker.

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Their sources are saying that Webb is being offered not one, not two, but three Spider-Man films from the studio, which makes me wonder if Sam Raimi had the same courtesy. I know the actors have contracts similar to that, but sometimes studios skimp out on the directors returning. Apparently, Sony has faith in the 500 Days of Summer herlmer, and they think he can take the origin story of Spider-Man to the next level.

One of the main motivations to hire Webb instead of the other directors who’ve been rumored for the gig, is his cheap price tag. He’ll be paid 10 million dollars to helm the first picture in the series, with substantial bonuses built in if the picture reaches certain box-office milestones. Also, unlike his predecessor Raimi, he won’t get a percentage of the film’s gross. If everything went according to plan with Spider-Man 4 both Raimi and star Tobey Maguire would have gotten more than 25 percent of the film’s box office return.

I think this goes beyond them wanting a hip, young director taking on this youth oriented story. Sony was scared to death about that price tag. Regardless of the success of the previous three films, the last one left a bad impression on fans and there was no guarantee that audiences would return for a fourth installment. Webb is a talented director, and I’d love to see what he can do with this property. The big question here is who will play Peter Parker?

What do you think about Marc Webb taking over where Raimi left off?