Science fiction fans all over the country are already familiar with Katee Sackhoff, for her stint as Starbuck on the highly revered series, “Battlestar Gallactica“. She’s traded in space for land, and has joined the long running Fox series “24” and is mixing it up with Jack Bauer and his crew. So how does the actresses’ new role compare to her old one? Find out from the Sackhoff herself…

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Sackhoff did a little comparison between Starbuck and her new character, Dana Walsh. Dana appears to be the nemesis of Jack’s favorite right hand man (woman) Chloe, and the newbie will bring some competition. She also has a background that she’s trying to keep hidden, all the while working as the new computer analyst.

According to Sackhoff, her new character is “Very calculated, she’s very smart. She’s very capable.” But in comparison to Starbuck, how would Dana deal with an obstacle getting in her way, human or otherwise?

“When Starbuck didn’t like something, she just shot ‘em. When Dana doesn’t like something, she has to reprogram the computer.”

As we previously stated, Walsh will be serious competition for Chloe, but that’s only because she’s been out of the game for so long.

“I think the only reason she’s out-Chloe-ing Chloe is something that Mary Lynn said,” Sackhoff said. “She’s been out for a while, so you put Dana Walsh there, who knows this system, knows the people, knows the new style of the office. Everything’s wireless. It’s just different. It’s faster, so I think for that alone, Chloe falls behind, just because she’s not used to things going as fast as far as electronically.”

After watching the first episode of season 8, a lot of groundwork has been laid down for what’s to come. Whose team are you on, Team Chloe or Team Dana? Fight!

What do you think of Katee Sackhoff’s addition to the “24″ cast?

Source: SciFi Wire