Glee,” last night’s winner for Best Comedy Series at the Golden Globe Awards has more good news headed its away. According to People Magazine the Fox hit is looking to add a familiar face to its roster. We’re talking about Jennifer Lopez, aka Jenny From the Block, aka JLO. And she might not be the only star to appear on the show, the Material Girl may also pop up in the near future.

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy spoke to the media last night after the show’s big win and discussed an offer he sent out to Lopez. He’s optimistic that the actress will take him up on an opportunity to appear on the series that’s earned plenty of critical and commercial success over the past year. “Glee” is a mixture of acting and music, and isn’t that the basis of Lopez’s entire career? Here’s what Murphy had to say about their future partnership,

“I have a meeting with Jennifer Lopez in a couple weeks,” Murphy said Sunday night. “She wants to come on. We want her to be a cafeteria lady.”

I almost burst into laughter reading that statement. Jennifer Lopez as a lunch lady? That visual is comedic in itself, but if she’s a good sport about it, it could be amazing. He also stated that they’ll be doing an upcoming Madonna themed episode, and the singer may or may not make an appearance. Currently there’s a slew of A-list actors who want to do stints on the show including Julia Roberts and Julianne Moore.

What do you think about Jennifer Lopez possibly appearing on Glee? How do you think she’ll fit in with the rest of the cast?