After news broke that Sony was scrapping their plans for Spider-Man 4 with a reboot the world stood still for a moment. Not only was the previous franchise over, but the cast was out, as well as director Sam Raimi. With the new start comes a new vision and plenty of well known helmers have been brought up as possible Raimi replacements including James Cameron. Cameron spoke to MTV while on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards and he had some strong words regarding rumors that he’s interested in taking on Spidey…

Back in the early nineties Cameron was developing his take on what was supposed to be his live action adaptation of Spider-Man. It didn’t exactly pan out, so ten years later Sam Raimi got the gig instead. A gazillion dollars and three installments into the future, Raimi’s vision for the film is no more, and the series is once again up for grabs. Cameron’s name has been thrown in the ring with several notable directors including David Fincher and Wes Anderson (strange) as possible replacements, but he has no intention of taking the job.

“I haven’t gotten a phone call,” said Cameron. “I don’t expect to — certainly [not] after this interview. But if you’re thinking about it, it’s sloppy seconds. I’m not interested.”

That’s an honest response don’t you think? I’m not surprised by his reaction in the least, because he’s at a point in his career where he can have any project he chooses. At the moment his slate is already full with potential Avatar sequels, and who would want to get involved with all the drama over there at Sony?

What do you think of Cameron’s response to the Spider-Man rumors?