As the final moments of the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien-NBC debacle heats up, fans are becoming more and more restless. They want their voices heard and they’re not taking no for an answer. Today rallies took place at NBC headquarters in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York all in support of O’Brien. We have some footage from one of the locations where the crowd is chanting outside of a major plaza…

The fans continue to stand behind Conan O’Brien, while he’s renegotiating his contract with “The Tonight Show.” After Leno’s failure at 10 PM with “The Jay Leno Show,” the network refuses to let go, and want both men to work the late shift. The big issue here is the rescheduling of “The Tonight Show,” which would get pushed past midnight in order to accommodate a half hour of Leno.

Conan sent out a very public letter about how he wouldn’t return to host “The Tonight Show” if NBC decided to go through with this plan. Since then all three have been in talks regarding their uncomfortable situation, and unfortunately it looks like Conan might get the short end of the stick. Therefore, fans have come together in multiple locations to cheer on the host and show the network that he does have a dedicated fan base.

Here’s a video of the folks outside of 30 Rock in New York City chanting “Give Conan a Chance.”

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What do you think of all the fans who came out to support Conan? Were you one of them?