Sandra Bullock beat some hefty competition for Best Actress in a Drama for her role in The Blind Side. With an unbelievable season at the box office, Bullock was also nominated for her role in The Proposal opposite Ryan Reynolds for Best Actress in A Motion Picture Comedy-Musical.  One of the highest grossing actresses in Hollywood,  Bullock has arguably paid her dues, and as she proudly admits in her speech this evening, has “joined the other side.”

Bullock was excellent in this barely demanding role, sure. But some of the rookies (Mulligan and Blunt) had ground-breaking performances in films that deserve plenty of recognition this season. Bullock has earned her buzz for the impressive season at the box office, yes – but I’d like to believe money shouldn’t hold merit. Does Bullock deserve a pat on the back for making millions when women half her age are giving performances with twice her poignance?

Best Performance by an Actress Motion Picture, Drama