Who’s surprised? James Cameron wins for the box office phenomenon, Avatar. Having spent almost 14 years developing the world of Pandora, Mr. Cameron has once again floored both box offices and audiences world-wide. Up against the infamous Quentin Tarantino AND his very own ex-wife, this category was loaded with competition.

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There were a lot of people including myself who were shocked at James Cameron’s Best Director win. Kathryn Bigelow has had critics in the palm of her hand for the past year, which obviously means nothing to the Hollywood Foreign Press. Instead of rewarding her for her work on the war drama, The Hurt Locker they chose Cameron for the 3-D driven Avatar.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie and thought he did a great job, but doesn’t he already have one of these awards and an Oscar? We’re trying to make history with Kathryn over here! He can have tonight’s award but when the Oscars come around he better fade into the background, because that’s all Bigelow. Congrats James.

Best Director of a Motion Picture: