Transformers Revenge of the Fallen made a boatload of money at the U.S. and international box office even though it was critically panned. It’s fair to say the majority of its profits derived from the fanbase that was created by the first film. We were all tricked into thinking that we’d see another great action movie with a simple story but we were wrong. Director Michael Bay wants to make up for the lackluster sequel, by taking the third film back to its roots.

There were a lot of problems with Revenge of the Fallen, but one of the most obvious were the extra characters. There were too many humans and robots that no one cared about. They were unnecessary and only clogged up the screen in between explosions. The script was very week, and so was the direction. Bay is typically great at action, it’s his forte, but he really dropped the ball on ROTF. There was so much clutter and mess, that audiences had absolutely no idea what they were watching.

To compensate for that entire debacle, Bay has decided to start anew, and cut back on the excess. Over at The Los Angeles Times he briefly spoke about the direction he plans on taking with Transformers 3 and how it will differ from its predecessor.

Although the number of robots increased significantly from the first film for the second, the third film — which will hit theaters in summer 2011, won’t be as robot-heavy and there will be fewer explosions. There will be a nice crescendo ending,” Bay said. It gets much more into the robot character. The last time you kind of met a few of the robots; this time you’re gonna get a much cooler landscape.”

From your lips to God’s ears Michael.

Do you think that Bay can redeem the Transformers franchise?