The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Mila Kunis, finally hits theaters this weekend, and centers on a wanderer fighting to protect a book that he believes can save mankind. Peter Jackson’s film, The Lovely Bones, will also hit theaters and even though its gotten mixed reviews, visually it’s a very interesting. Michael Hoffman‘s Leo Tolstoy biopic, The Last Station, starring Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren, James McAvoy, and Paul Giamatti, will make its debut in a limited amount of theaters and again this movie has received fairly mixed reviews, but has an amazing cast.

If you find yourself in or around New York, the indie flick Fish Tank should be playing. Apparently, the performances by the leads Katie Jarvis and Michael Fassbender, are both very good and worth your time. And for those of you in Los Angeles, the New Beverly Cinema has a film festival running from January 15th to the 21st. There are all sorts of films being shown, including Amadeus and City of the Walking Dead. Plus, director Stuart Gordon will be on hand to help kick off the festivities this Friday.

Check out all the movies that come out on January 15, 2010…

The Book of Eli

The Spy Next Door

The Last Station

The Lovely Bones

Fish Tank

44 Inch Chest

What will you be seeing this weekend?