It’s a tie! Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock BOTH won the award for Best Actress at the 15th Annual Critics Choice Awards. Streep won for her performance in Julie & Julia, while Bullock was honored for her work in The Blind Side. These are the types of monkey wrenches we like to see thrown in at awards’ shows every once in a while.

The nominees that the two were up against included some hefty competition from An Education’s Carey Mulligan to Gabourey Sidibe for Precious. But in the midst of this pleasant surprise, there’s a kicker. This is the exact same thing that happened to Streep last year at the Critic’s Choice Awards. She tied with Anne Hathaway for her performance in Rachel Getting Married. Who would have thought that one day in 2010 the chick from Speed would be held at the same level as Ms. Streep?

There’s been plenty of acclaim for both actresses’ work over the past year, but Bullock has been on a roll. She will also be up against Streep at the Golden Globes on Sunday in the category for Best Comedic Performance by an Actress. I think the chances of there being a tie in that situation are slim considering Streep’s nominated not once, but twice in the same category.

You can check out the full list of winners from this year’s Critic’s Choice Awards here.