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The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow has been on a roll for the past year thanks to her work on the Iraq based war film. She’s been on the receiving end of several critic awards, and will be up for a Golden Globe this coming Sunday. She’s found her niche, and will be heading back to the Middle East for her next feature film entitled, Held By the Taliban.

Update: According to a report from MTV, Bigelow and producers are not in talks to adapt Held By The Taliban. “This report is inaccurate. There is no movie deal,” a Times spokeswoman told MTV News. “There is no deal and no one is attached to the project,” the spokeswoman stated.

According to a recent tweet from Production Weekly, Bigelow will take on the Taliban story based on a series of articles that were published in the New York Times. The articles recount the time spent by writer David Rohde, who was held as a prisoner in a Taliban camp in Afghanistan for seven months and ten days. Rohde and several of his companions were taken hostage, while investigating an area where they thought Osama Bin Laden was hiding.

After their ordeal in the Taliban prison, the author wrote about his harrowing experience and published it in the Times. After the success of Hurt Locker we’re not surprised that Bigelow was the person tapped to adapt the story for film. She obviously has no problem showing the true, gritty nature of war.

There aren’t many specifics regarding the film adaptation as of yet, but we’ll keep you informed as they become available.

Do you think Bigelow is the right choice for the Taliban movie? Who else could take on the subject matter?