A dark cloud has hovered over the George Miller sequel Happy Feet 2, ever since the unexpected death of one of the first film’s leading voices, Brittany Murphy. There’s been no word on who will replace the actress for the follow up but according to Movieline two of Hollywood’s biggest leading men have recently signed on.

Apparently, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon will both lend their voices to the animated feature Happy Feet 2. It’s the 3-D sequel to the wildly popular 2006 film, which will once again feature the talents of Robin Williams and Elijah Wood. Warner Bros, the studio behind the film refuses to comment on the casting news, but Movieline’s sources assure us that it’s a done deal. Not only are the actors in the movie, but they reportedly did some voice work earlier this week.

Since the studio refuses to give us any juice on whether or not the duo will appear in the film, we have no idea what their roles entail. It would be great to hear both actors lend their voices to a family film. Damon previously did some voice work on the animated film Titan A.E. back in 2000, and on last year’s Ponyo. He didn’t really hit the nail on the head in the latter film, so hopefully his work in Happy Feet 2 will make up for that.

What do you think of Pitt and Damon joining the cast of Happy Feet 2? What should they do about Brittany Murphy’s character?