Avatar has been blazing through the box office record books for almost a month, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. James Cameron‘s latest film seems to have a huge effect on audiences across the globe especially those in China. Overseas they’ve been waiting in line just like everyone else to watch the story that resonates in more ways than one with the Chinese people.

One of the major themes in Avatar is the abuse of natural resources and the exploitation of land. It’s a hot topic in China where the country’s citizens deal with a similar issue within their government. Strong comparisons have been drawn between Avatars Na’vi people and the Chinese who are in the middle of an ongoing battle with the state. In China, a person can be forcefully evicted from their home if the government wants to use the property for their own purposes.

Many bloggers have discussed how Avatar can be seen as a metaphor for issue of property rights. It’s a heated debate in the country, so it’s no surprise that when citizens got their first glance of Cameron’s film they saw the immediate connection between them and the two.

“They are very much alike. For instance, the conflict in the film also starts with land. When real estate developers want a piece of land, the local residents must move away; if they decline to leave, then real estate developers will resort to violent ways.”

Even though the similarities between the two people are there, this type of conflict has appeared in many films. It’s the timing of Avatar‘s release that makes criticism of the practice even more of a hot button issue. But the more attention the movie brings to it the better. It’s something that seriously needs to be examined and eventually corrected.

Do you see any correlation between the Chinese and the Na’vi?

Source: Timesonline