Literally seconds, we mean SECONDS after it was announced by TMZ that Jay Leno would return to “The Tonight Show on NBC, the network issued a statement denying all claims. The suits over at the peacock channel don’t want any drama, so they’re trying to keep everything under wraps. They refuse to give a real yes or no on the deal, just a general no comment.

We all know that evasion is another way of lying. They might not outright say it but this Leno story might be true. Conan O’ Brien‘s not budging on his statement, and Leno has barely said a word about his plans for the future. Who do we believe? Another rumor that’s swirling around is that January 22nd might be O’Brien’s last day on his late night gig. A source from People Magazine stated that, “Conan does not currently plan on doing any more new shows after next week.”

Even in the face of all this negativity, NBC continues to push the notion that the host will “likely” return to the show as planned. If Conan does decide to walk before the scheduled Winter Olympics preemption he would be putting the network in a very uncomfortable situation. At that point Leno might actually return to host the show, but who would actually watch?

Are you on Team Leno or Team Coco? Who should host The Tonight Show?

Source: THR