Lost is one of those shows that insures confusion no matter how hard you try to understand it. With the season 6 premiere only weeks away, we might finally get some answers to a few age old questions that we’ve all had. If you’re an avid watcher of the show, you know that last season we lost a couple of fan favorites, but we’ve uncovered some new info that might spell the return of a certain character that we all thought was “lost” for good.

Over at SpoilersLost, they have a breakdown of some of the filming that’s going on for the current season. The latest update is from episode 11. If you’re one of those people who don’t like to be informed of what’s happening before it actually happens, this might be the time for you to look away. This spoiler has to do with Daniel Faraday. Remember the science loving, time traveling doctor who came on a helicopter with Miles, Charlotte, and Frank a while back?

In season 5 Daniel got popped by a younger version of his mother Eloise, but according to a close source to the show his image will make an appearance this season. Apparently they’re using a photo double for the character, so maybe he will appear in a flashback? You know how good they are about that type of stuff.

Also, there will be a hospital scene that features Desmond, Charlie and Jack, which confuses me because I thought Henry Ian Cusick wasn’t returning for the final season? And what the hell is Charlie doing there? I thought he was hanging out on “Flash Foward?” I thought dead meant dead on this show? And for those of you who are skeptical about the concept of death, remember when Ben said that last season? Pay attention to dialogue people, there was an entire episode named “Dead is Dead.” I’m not pulling it out of the sky.

Do you think Daniel will pop up to give closure to his mother? What do you think about Charlie’s return?