Excuse my language, but Jay Leno and NBC have balls! The network has finally made a decision regarding their late night lineup and guess what, LENO WINS! Jay Leno has just signed on to takeover “The Tonight Show” from Conan O’ Brien when they return from the Winter Olympics next month.

Update: NBC is denying Leno’s Tonight Show return.

According to a report on TMZ, the peacock network has brought Leno back on board to reprise the 11:35pm time slot that Conan hasn’t even occupied for a full year. O’Brien gave an ultimatum earlier this week stating that he wouldn’t continue to host the show if they pushed it past midnight. In other words, he refused to play second fiddle to Jay Leno AGAIN.

Where is the justice in this? How can this network continue to screw over this man? NBC pushed Jay Leno out of “The Tonight Show” slot, and now they want to give it back? His return is not a guarantee for ratings gold. If anything it will piss off viewers who are loyal to O’Brien. The numbers could drop even lower, and the show could end up in an even worse spot than before. Let the riots begin! I’ll bring the flame thrower.

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