The country hasn’t been this divided since the infamous Team Edward versus Team Jacob phenomenon, because no one can escape the war that’s brewing in late night TV. For the most part, viewers are unanimously behind current “Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien who recently gave NBC an ultimatum regarding his gig on the show. If they push it back a half an hour to accommodate another series for Jay Leno, he’s out. After all the hoopla that’s being generated, some reports are stating that Leno might finally take the hint and leave the network for good.

Over at the NY Post, they ran an article about Leno weighing his options with NBC. Right now the host isn’t on the best of terms with the general public and it looks like fans are painting him as the villain even though he’s also furious at the network. An insider close to the Leno camp stated that the studio has put him in a terrible position making it look as if he’s the reason Conan might be out of a job. “Jay is a great guy and it’s not fair that due to NBC’s stupidity he looks like the bad guy.”

While people are trying to make Leno out to be a victim, fans of O’Brien are gearing up for a protest in front of NBC studios Burbank. There’s a whole “I’m With Coco” campaign that’s spreading virally, with several Facebook pages that support the red-haired host. With this type of an outcry in support of Conan, what will Jay do?

Another industry insider stated that if Conan walks, and Leno returns there’s no guarantee that the audience will be there to welcome him back with open arms. With all this animosity hovering over him, it might be more beneficial for Leno to walk away than continue his involvement with the ill-fated schemes of the network. It’s a lose-lose situation for the man.

Do you think Jay Leno should throw in the towel? Would you follow him if he returned to late night?