Vera Farmiga has had one hell of a year. She starred opposite George Clooney in Jason Reitman‘s latest flick Up in the Air, and it’s brought her a boatload of critical praise, and movie offers. The Golden Globe nominated actress and Michelle Monaghan have both signed on for the upcoming Duncan Jones film, Source Code.

Jones is no stranger to recent success, after the positive reception of his previous film Moon. Staying in his sci fi element, Source Code will be a time traveling thriller, with Jake Gyllenhaal set in the lead role. The film centers on a soldier (Gyllenhaal) who, as part of an experimental government program to investigate a terrorist incident, finds himself in the body of an unknown commuter living and reliving a harrowing train bombing until he can find out who is responsible for it. It sounds confusing on paper, but I’m sure visually it will blow us away.

In the film, Farmiga will play a hands-on communications officer controlling Gyllenhaal as he travels through time, and Monaghan will be a fellow passenger and his love interest. Source Code is scheduled to begin production this March, with Summit Entertainment distributing. In the past year the studio has been trying branch off into other genres of film that aren’t so Twilight oriented. The franchise still has two more films under its belt, but they’ve continued to stay active in all markets.

I’m interested in seeing the onscreen dynamic between Farmiga and Gyllenhaal as well as the chemistry between him and Monaghan. All three are good actors, but Farmiga is definitely a dynamo by herself. With the direction of Jones, this should be one stimulating film.

What do you think about the combo of Farmiga, Monaghan, Gyllenhaal, and Jones all working together?

Source: Yahoo