Have you ever wondered what would happen if James Cameron got his hands on the Spider-Man franchise? According to Sony, they’re gearing up for a reboot and that means a new story and a new look. The tone of choice is dark and gritty, and they’re looking for a director who can take the franchise to the next level. But did you know that almost 20 years ago Peter Parker and his alter ego could have landed in the hands of the same guy who brought us Terminator and Avatar?

Over at Techland, they’ve uncovered some old school sketches of Cameron’s that depict his vision for the Spider-Man character. They were able to pull some early storyboards that the director had drawn up that featured all the usual suspects, including a nerdy Peter Parker and his crush Mary Jane Watson. The images date back to 1992, which means it was in the midst of the T2: Judgment Day after glow. At that point Cameron must have been a hot commodity, no wonder he was given the task of taking on Spider-Man.

His take on the hero’s story wasn’t that much different than what we saw from Sam Raimi ten years later, but his version was a lot edgier. “Cameron’s Peter Parker steals, kills a criminal (albeit accidentally) and not only does he kiss love interest Mary Jane, he has sex with her. On top of the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Check out some photos from his storyboards…

Do you think Cameron should revisit the Spider-Man franchise and give it another shot?