Rob Zombie wants to take his directing talents to the small screen and he’s using one of TV’s most popular shows to do it. According to Yahoo, the singer turned director is planning on doing a stint on one of CBS’ many “CSI” shows. Which one you ask? The one with the bad acting and the red-haired lead who has an affinity for sun glasses.

Zombie will direct an episode of “CSI: Miami”, which is the most popular in the franchise. The episode will take the crime solving team out of their Miami digs, and into Los Angeles. It will center on “secret tape recordings and evidence tampering.” Production has already begun on the show that’s scheduled to air on March 1st.

The last time Zombie got behind a camera it was for last year’s mediocre follow up to his Halloween reboot, simply entitled Halloween II. The movie didn’t do that great at the box office and was beaten out by the fourth film in the Final Destination franchise. Perhaps a gig in television will give him some time to think about fresher less mundane films to do in the future. I thought his movies House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects were awesome homages to old school horror, so let’s go back to that Rob.

How will he apply his horror vision to David Caruso‘s stylish wardrobe? Stay tuned…

Do you think Zombie and CSI: Miami are a good fit? Are you a fan of the director’s work?