The mysterious director Christopher Nolan has given a few powerful statements regarding his upcoming thriller Inception. Known as the vague sci-fi, tech thriller, the film will be his follow up to the record breaking four star release, The Dark Knight. It was a movie that expanded on what you could do within the comic book genre, and blew away critics and fans. According to the Hero Complex, Nolan thinks the work he did with Inception is on a much larger scale than anything from TDK.

Nolan admits that Inception is like nothing the general public has ever seen before. It’s a heist movie, it has elements of science fiction, there’s action, a little bit of romance, everything under the sun is represented. With that type of coverage he felt confident in saying that this is the biggest film he’s every done. Even in comparison to The Dark Knight, which features scenes shot with IMAX cameras and intricate action sequences.

“This is the biggest challenge I’ve taken on to this point,” said Nolan, who may return to Gotham City for his next feature. “We’re trying to tell a story on a massive scale, a true blockbuster scale – the biggest I’ve ever been involved with. We tried to make a very large-scale film with ‘The Dark Knight’ and with this one we wanted to push that even further.”

Nolan’s business partner and wife Emma Thomas stated that it wasn’t their intention from the very beginning to go big or go home. They had no idea that Inception would grow to the scale it did, even though they knew the story called for a massive cast.

“It’s something that we had been talking about on and off for seven or eight years,” Thomas said. “Coming off of the ‘The Dark Knight,’ the only thing we really knew is that we wanted to do something more personal. It seemed like the right time to do this. The fact that it’s really just an enormous movie — that wasn’t ever really a factor in the decision. This story lends itself to a movie of this size.”

That’s what a movie fan likes to hear. The creators putting the story in front of everything else and allowing that to dictate its outcome. Can we get more of that please? Inception sounds like it’s going to be a total mindf*ck, which means it will be one of those movies that we’re still talking about 10 years after its release.

Do you think Inception will be a bigger film than The Dark Knight? Do you really think it’s on a higher scale?