Last year the rights for the Terminator movie franchise that launched over 25 years ago went up for sale. The former owners of the property could no longer afford to hold on to it, and after a lot of Hollywood red tape and multiple lawyers, Termiantor hit the chopping block. And according to the Los Angeles Times, Lionsgate currently has the upper hand in the studio bidding war.

Lionsgate bid 15 million dollars, plus a percentage of future revenue to buy the rights to the troubled Terminator franchise. Currently, they’ve been named the highest bidder in the war for the machines that’s been raging since last fall when the Halcyon Group put the property on the market. More specifically Lionsgate will shell out the 15 million plus 5% of gross receipts from any future Terminator movies with their deal, which is a lot of dough considering the potential it has.

Now that Lionsgate has been named the “stalking horse,” any other bidder who wants a chance to take the title will have to up the ante by at least $750,000. The studio already has home video distribution rights to the original movie and its sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day. If they took over the franchise now, it would be a natural fit for the male targeted studio. These are the same people whose current bread and butter is the ongoing Saw franchise, which they need to move on from asap.

Whoever gains the rights to the property better be prepared to inherit a slew of angry fans who want more from John Connor. Not just a glossed over version of what they think we want, but a decent story and character arc worth our time.

Do you think anyone else could outbid Lionsgate for the Terminator’s rights?