One whole day after news broke that Robert Downey Jr. would no longer be starring in the Jon Favreau film, Cowboys & Aliens, someone’s already ready to take his spot. It’s not official, but there is a well known actor in the running to take on the lead in the film, and his name is Craig, Daniel Craig according to a report from Collider.

According to their sources, Craig is in negotiations to take on the part of Zeke Jackson that Downey recently left null and void. Since he’s still in talks, nothing has been set in stone but it looks like he’s one of the top picks to replace the actor. It would be great to see Craig in a sci-fi-western type film. He has such a sophisticated persona, it would be interesting to see him in something from that genre. Granted he was in the first Tomb Raider movie, but to be completely honest I blocked that out. That was one of those films I fell asleep during, and that rarely happens for me.

The premise for Cowboys & Aliens centers on outer-space creatures who land in Arizona circa the mid-19th century intent on enslaving the local population — until a group of cowboys and Apache Indians fight back. Jackson is the revolt leader and a very talented gunman. The property is based off the comic book of the same name and has been adapted for the big screen by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Those two can’t leave sci-fi alone can they?

Do you think Daniel Craig would be a good pick to star in Cowboys & Aliens? Who else should be considered for the part?