Avatar has only been in theaters for four weeks but it’s had the most unusual effect on people. Just yesterday we told you about the raising rate of fans suffering from post-Avatar depression, and now there’s word that the film actually makes viewers sick. Not sick in the mental sense, but sick in the ‘I need to go barf in the bathroom now sense.’

According to an article in the Dominion Post, there have been several reports of fans being struck by physical illness after viewing James Cameron‘s latest. Avatar has earned praise for its groundbreaking special effects and stunning visuals, but that stuff is slowly making people sick. Reports are saying that a significant number of movie goers are experiencing dizziness, headaches and nausea during 3D screenings. One couple from Auckland, Tania and Raymond Lorenzen, recently discussed their viewing experience of the film and it wasn’t pretty.

“I just got extremely hot then I managed to calm myself down. It was just a total motion sickness and my husband got the same.”

Many of the complaints from other viewers fell in line with their experience. Motion sickness seems to be the main culprit in this case. So far, no one has come out vomiting, and tickets are still selling out left and right. In case you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen the film, make sure you can handle the bumpy visual ride. We don’t want anymore cases of Avatar sickness popping up do we?

Did you experience any sickness after viewing Avatar? Do you think these complaints are legit?