The tracklisting for Alice in Wonderland‘s soundtrack just popped up on MySpace and people on twitter seem to be a bit pissed about what we already knew might be on it. The soundtrack will be titled “Almost Alice” and will be in stores on March 2nd with a video for the soundtrack’s first single, “Alice (Underground)” by Avril Lavigne,” is due in early February. Here’s what the people have to say:

duexmonstres: the soundtrack to alice in wonderland is a piece of garbage
_tlr_ : “Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack Revealed: Track listing includes Avril Lavigne, All Time Low and 3OH!3.” Wow myspace, that sounds awful.

I have yet to find any real positive comments, but if you guys and gals out there feel differently or have some good tweets I can add, let me know!

I have to agree, I’m not very excited for Avril Lavigne or The All-American Rejects, but there are a number of great bands on here such as Franz Ferdinand, Motion City Soundtrack, Wolfmother, and a number of others.

When I see comments like andchloeislike’s “this alice in wonderland film looks really, really, weird” I can’t help but think that who ever is tweeting right now is the WRONG audience for Alice in Wonderland. If you don’t like things because they’re weird and unusual then I’m guessing you will hate this movie, and should catch a double feature of Leap Year and When in Rome – don’t worry, NOTHING weird will happen there.

The entire point of Tim Burton taking on a project is to make Burton-ify it, which often means to make it “weird” in his own way, which is what makes it so great. Enough of what I think, here is the tracklisting:

  1. “Alice (Underground)” performed by Avril Lavigne
  2. “The Poison” performed by The All-American Rejects
  3. “The Technicolor Phase” performed by Owl City
  4. “Her Name Is Alice” performed by Shinedown
  5. “Painting Flowers” performed by All Time Low
  6. “Where’s My Angel” performed by Metro Station
  7. “Strange” performed by Tokio Hotel and Kerli
  8. “Follow Me Down” performed by 3OH!3 featuring Neon Hitch
  9. “Very Good Advice” performed by Robert Smith
  10. “In Transit” performed by Mark Hoppus with Pete Wentz
  11. “Welcome to Mystery” performed by Plain White T’s
  12. “Tea Party” performed by Kerli
  13. “The Lobster Quadrille” performed by Franz Ferdinand
  14. “Running Out of Time” performed by Motion City Soundtrack
  15. “Fell Down a Hole” performed by Wolfmother
  16. White Rabbit” performed by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

So what do you think? Are you with the haters? Do you think Alice looks to “weird” for you?