Conan O’Brien continues to bring the pain with his full on assault of NBC and their executives. Earlier today he put his foot down and stated that he wouldn’t continue hosting “The Tonight Show” if they pushed it back a half an hour. In a lengthy letter posted on the New York Times website he openly gave them an ultimatum for the whole world to see, and in the monologue for this evening’s taping he let them have it.

Over at THR, they’ve released the venomous statements that Conan used to describe his scheduling dispute with the peacock network. In typical comedic fashion he spoke about their lack of loyalty to him and his crew, and it’s hilarious. Take that NBC! At the moment we haven’t heard what Jay Leno has to say about today’s turn of events but his lackluster routine can’t be too far behind. Here’s the rundown of the top NBC jabs made via Conan O’Brien…

  • Hello, my name is Conan O’Brien, and I may soon be available for children’s parties.
  • Welcome to NBC. Where our new slogan is, “No longer just screwing up prime-time.”
  • When I was a little boy, I remember watching “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and thinking “Someday, I’m going to host that show for 7 months.”
  • NBC says they’re planning to have the late night situation worked out before the Winter Olympics start.  And trust me, when NBC says something – you can take that to the bank!
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is still under fire for remarks he made about President Obama’s “blackness.”  Sources say Reid could face Congressional censure, or even worse, be promised the “The Tonight Show” at 11:30.

Even though Conan is making light of the situation, he’s been put in a horrible position. He put a lot of time into earning his “Tonight Show” spot, and even after he officially got it, NBC still wants him to play second fiddle to Leno. Not only is that disrespectful, but it’s tacky. What happened to the good old days of business, when your word meant something?

Do you think Conan went too far with his monologue? Is he right for taking digs at the network?