Besides Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi has been the face of the Spider-Man franchise for the past eight years and yesterday his relationship with it came to an end. Sony Pictures announced that they were no longer interested in pursuing Spider-Man 4 or Raimi’s take on the webslinging character. They have decided to reboot the franchise and start with a younger, more contemporary Peter Parker.

Even though it sounds like Raimi was fired from the movie, he actually left before the official announcement was made. He didn’t feel that he could make the 2011 release date the studio set, due to the creative issues that continued to pop up. In the end he quit, and Sony decided to start from scratch without him. Should he have stuck it out until he got fired? Do you think it’s right for them to can the whole project?

Vote it our poll and let us know how you feel about Raimi’s decision to walk away…

Tell the world how you feel about the drastic shift between the pre-exisitng Spider-Man franchise and the new one that Sony is trying to push on us. There’s already word that the new story will be darker in the same vain as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Are you upset to see Sam Raimi leaving and Spider-Man 4 getting canned?

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You can also discuss in the comments section on why you voted the way you did. What do you think Raimi should do next?