How many people can one cast take? Steven Soderbergh is making it his business to fill his spy thriller Knockout to the brim with some of the most random people. The cast is being led by novice actor and real life fighter Gina Carano, who will be supported by several Hollywood veterans including Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, and Antonio Banderas. According to THR, another actor has signed onto the film and it’s Gentlemen Broncos star, Michael Angarano.

The story for Knockout centers on a woman raised in the military, who left to work for a Blackwater-esque company to make better money but is betrayed by one of her teammates. Almost all the male characters in the movie have shady dealings under their belt, so she has to watch her back at all times. The latest man to join the cast is Michael Angarano, and he’ll star as “a teen who sees Carano in trouble and decides to help, unwittingly ending up as her partner.”

The addition of his character is more of a negative than a plus when it comes to the development of the films’ story because it sounds pretty bad ass without the help of a teenybopper sidekick. Angarano is a great actor who has decent range, but if they make his character a whiny, stereotypical teen, there’s going to be a problem. It sounds like he’ll be her moral center, the one thing that keeps her human. This is a Soderbergh film, so hopefully his character will have more to offer than what we see on the surface.

What do you think of Michael Angarano joining Knockout? Do you think his character will help or harm the film?