This week’s episode of “Heroes” was entitled “Close to you” and it was anything but. It once again centered on Noah Bennett’s non-stop search for Samuel and his mystical carnival that has evaded him for months. Peter has slowly morphed into his old self again after Nathan’s passing, and is ready to spring into action and save some lives. Hiro and Ando turn into a two man wrecking crew who’s sole purpose is to break Dr. Suresh out of a mental institution. Their three stooges routine takes up entirely too much of the show’s time, but ultimately serves a greater purpose in the end…

The Players:

  • Director: Roxann Dawson
  • Writer/Creator: Rob Fresco, Tim Kring
  • Actors: Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg, Jack Coleman, James Kyson Lee, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Deanne Bray, Cristine Rose, Hayden Panettiere, Lisa Lackey, Dawn Olivieri, Elisabeth Rohm, Todd Stashwick, Sasha Pieterse

The Shows Plot:

“Heroes” follows a group of regular people who discover that they have special abilities that separate them from everyone else in the world. Some choose to hide their gifts, others try to use them for evil, and a rare few choose to use their powers for a greater good.

Title of this Week’s Episode: “Close To You” Season 4: Episode 15

Noah (Coleman) gets a reluctant Matt (Grunberg) to help him take down Samuel (Knepper), and they use his long-lost love Vanessa (Vernon), to lure him into a trap. Unfortunately, Samuel’s no fool and is already hip to their antics. He has his own plans for Vanessa, and won’t let anyone get in his way. Meanwhile, Hiro (Oka) and Ando (Kyson Lee) go to extreme lengths to save Dr. Suresh (Ramamurthy) from a mental institution, and Peter’s (Ventimiglia) friendship with Emma (Bray) takes a turn for the worse after he introduces her to his mother (Rose).

The Good:

  • Emma and Peter: The friendship between these two is so sweet and genuine. After Peter ran into her apartment and smashed her cello you could tell he felt bad about doing it, but he had no choice. And the pain in her face spoke volumes without her having to say a word. You could really tell that he broke her heart in that moment.
  • Angela Gets an Ear Full: Every season Angela goes around talking about what’s best for her boys (one of whom is dead), and she’s always wrong! Peter finally called her out on it and said, “Mom, half of this family is dead. Their bodies are surrounded with lies. It’s down to you and me. Are we ever gonna get this right?” That’s what we’d all like to know. Angela’s been spouting the same nonsense for the past four years and hasn’t gotten it right yet.
  • Hiro’s Back: Hiro has been cured of his dialect problem and can finally speak in regular English and Japanese. Gaining his right mind is the best thing that’s happened to his character since the show’s return this season.

The Bad:

  • The Three Musketeers: In this episode they took the three most useless and annoying characters and gave them an episode arc together. Hiro and his ridiculous dialogue, Ando’s drug induced antics, and Suresh was just Suresh, who’s never entertaining.
  • Claire: Why was she in this episode? I get that Noah needed closure after she chewed him out for what he did to Nathan, but her blink and you miss it appearance really convinced me that Kring and company have an unnecessary obsession with this girl.
  • Matt’s Dilemma: Every season Parkman deals with the same problem. He’s like the male version of Claire, he constantly seeks out a normal life, yet always falls back into the same patterns. It’s a formula that got old in season 2, either kill the guy off or let him leave the “hero” life.
  • Your Accent is Showing: The actress who plays Janice Parkman, Lisa Lackey is a native of Australia and her accent slipped out more than twice during her final conversation with Matt at the end of the episode. I tried to let it slide, but it took me out of the moment. During that scene I started to have severe Sam Worthington, Terminator Salvation flashbacks.


Once again the arc for this specific episode has left me empty handed. We learned that Samuel has a plan that includes Vanessa and Emma, as well as Claire. Also, the three musketeers (Hiro, Suresh, Ando) will help Noah in his efforts to bring down Samuel, and Peter might be the messiah of the carny-folk. In other words, we got a whole lot ifs and maybes this week with no major developments unless you want to count Noah’s mini-makeout session with his partner.

Rating: 4/10

Show Airs: Mondays at 9pm on NBC


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