I always thought watching visual spectacles made people happy, so imagine my surprise when Avatar depression groups started popping up online. The film has been praised for its ground breaking special effects, motion capture, and use of 3-D technology, but apparently everybody can’t take that sh*t and face the real world the next day. According to CNN, “Avatar Depression” is on the rise, and it’s very real.

On the official Avatar Forum, there’s a thread entitled “Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible.” It has over 1,000 posts from people who are seriously looking for ways to deal with their post-Avatar depression. They can’t grasp the concept that something as visually stunning as Pandora doesn’t exist, and it’s making them turn their backs on reality. One of the scariest posts to come from the depression thread was published by a user named, Naviblue who actually expressed thoughts of suicide after seeing the film.

“Ever since I went to see ‘Avatar’ I have been depressed. Watching the wonderful world of Pandora and all the Na’vi made me want to be one of them. I can’t stop thinking about all the things that happened in the film and all of the tears and shivers I got from it. I even contemplate suicide thinking that if I do it I will be rebirthed in a world similar to Pandora and the everything is the same as in ‘Avatar.’ “

What the hell is wrong with people?! I’m pretty sure James Cameron nor Fox wanted you to feel like crap when you walked out of the theater. People are taking this film to heart, and even though it has a legitimate message it’s still meant to be entertaining, hence the special effects. But the visuals seem to only fuel the depression of some people who have become disenchanted with the dullness of their lives. Forum member Eltu wrote,

“When I woke up this morning after watching ‘Avatar’ for the first time yesterday, the world seemed … gray. It was like my whole life, everything I’ve done and worked for, lost its meaning. It just seems so … meaningless. I still don’t really see any reason to keep … doing things at all. I live in a dying world.”

These responses sound like the dialogue from a late night infomercial. Once again, there are some stark realities that the film addresses, but there’s no need to give up on life. Isn’t the whole purpose of the film to get people to move on and try to change the mistakes of the past?

Have you experienced Avatar Depression? Do you think these fans have legitimate reasons to be sad?

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