The first thing you’ll notice when you look at this list of nominees is that there are many glaring omissions.  Most notably, current Best Original Screenplay front-runner Inglorious Basterds.  Not to worry, Tarantino fans, Basterds failed to qualify under WGA rules, which require scripts to be written for productions that are signatories to the guild’s Minimum Basic Agreement, or the agreement of affiliated international guilds.

Other big-time Oscar contenders for screenplay awards that didn’t meet these requirements include District 9, An Education, In The Loop, Fantastic Mr. Fox, A Single Man and Up.

While not getting recognized for a WGA award is certainly a blow to each of these film’s screenplay (and overall) campaigns, it’s certainly not as a black a mark as it normally would be since they are ineligible.  WGA rules are much more strict than Academy rules and each of the aforementioned screenplays will be eligible for the Oscar.

(And, Oh yes Star Trek and Hangover fans.  All the ineligibilities not withstanding, with ten Best Picture nominees, these WGA noms mean those two movies are now major players for the big prize.)

With that said, check out the list below with a grain of salt…

Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Documentary Screenplay

  • Against the Tide by Richard Trank
  • Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore
  • The Cove by Mark Monroe
  • Earth Days by Robert Stone
  • Good Hair by Chris Rock & Jeff Stilson and Lance Crouther and Chuck Sklar
  • Soundtrack for a Revolution by Bill Guttentag & Dan Sturman