Trekkies from all over can unite knowing that another major development has been made regarding Star Trek 2. So far, we’ve heard about the preliminary script updates, and the the major cast members returning to reprise there roles in the film. According to ComingSoon, Paramount Pictures has recently released a star…..I mean release date for the anticipated sequel.

Even though we’re still early in the production game, Paramount has scheduled a release date for what’s being called the Untitled Star Trek Sequel for June 29, 2012. It’s the only major film being released during that month, so this might be Paramount’s way of staking their claim on the season they plan to dominate. That’s the same year that the studio’s superhero Avengers film’s is expected to be released, so between those two movies who do you think will earn the box office crown?

Of course all info regarding the plot for the film is non-existent thanks to the secret service-like protection JJ Abrams and his creative team have over the script. There has been plenty of speculation that we might see the wrath of Khan this second time around, but their hasn’t been a confirmation or denial. Either way, we have something to start with so all we have to do is wait it out.

What do you think about Star Trek 2′s release date? Can you wait that long? Should it be released sooner?