Earlier today, we posted an article discussing the topic of racism in Avatar. Many of our readers had a pretty strong reaction to the argument at hand. Some felt there were some obvious undertones that needed to be addressed, while others thought critics were digging too deep. We’ve decided there’s only one way to settle this, and that’s to put it to a vote! We want to know what you think once and for all, so take our poll and let your opinion be heard.

Over a billion people across the globe have seen the film so everyone has an opinion on what they think Avatar stands for. Our very own Mali Elfman did a review of the film when it first came out, and she also had some concerns about the controversial premise that everyone’s been talking about.

White man comes in, learns the ways of a more primitive people, then fucks them over, has a change in heart, and comes back and uses their own ignorance and belief system to make himself a hero. It’s like Thanksgiving all over again! Although this is an old story that we’ve seen many times before and I can’t blame Cameron for coming up with it, is this really a message we want to be spreading and more so, promoting? What about taking responsibility for yourself?

This is just one person’s interpretation of Avatar‘s story, but it does make you wonder about the overall message that’s being presented. Tell us what side you stand on in this debate…

Do You Think Avatar Is Racist?

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You can discuss in the comments section why you voted the way you did, or talk about other issues you found within the film that haven’t been addressed.