The season premiere of ABC’s “Lost” will take place on February 2nd, and the network’s promotional team is making sure the show debuts with a bang. The latest cast photo features a set up we all know too well. It’s in the theme of Leonardo da Vinci’s religious painting The Last Supper, but in this case we can call it The “Lost” Supper. Dun, dun, dun!

The Last Supper’s set up has been used with several television shows, most recently “Battlestar Gallactica” and “The Sopranos.” In the case of “Lost,” Locke is the Christ-figure for the final season of the fantasy drama that’s kept us all guessing for six seasons. One of the biggest changes to the cast’s lineup is Claire, Jack’s half sister was completely M.I.A. last season but will return to join the rest of the castaways for their final farewell.

Also, Jeff Fahey (who will always be the Lawnmower Man in my eyes) also makes an appearance in the cast photo. His character Frank is a former pilot who landed on the island the same time as Miles, Daniel, and Charlotte. It’s good to see him still in the picture (literally).

Here’s the full sized photo that features the cast’s depiction of The Lost Supper…

What do you think of the latest photo for Lost? What does it tell us about the show’s final season?

Source: THR