John Malkovich has been a busy bee lately, just coming off his stint in the DC Comics adaptation, Jonah Hex. The actor must have caught the comic book bug because rumor has it that he’ll appear in the Sony flick Spider-Man 4, and his been named as John C. Reilly‘s recast in Red. Is he pulling a Ryan Reynolds and forcing himself into every comic movie known to man?

With regards to Spider-Man 4, word on the street has the actor pegged to star as Vulture, an elderly bird-like villain. He was revealed to be in the lead for the part weeks ago but no confirmation had been given, until the recent release of an interview from an Italian sports show called “Quelli Che il Calcio.” Malkovich didn’t deny his involvement with the film, and stated that the movie has been delayed and he’s waiting for the final script to be sent to him.

Malkovich looks exactly like the Vulture character in the comics so visually he’s the perfect fit, plus the actor has talent in spades. The only problem is the popularity and appeal of Vulture might not be as overwhelming as someone like Venom or the Green Goblin. Personally, these villain choices aren’t that interesting because the logical bad guy for Sam Raimi and company to go for is The Lizard, but Sony doesn’t want to pursue it.

According to Variety Red, the upcoming graphic novel adaptation from Summit Entertainment has hit a casting bump. John C. Reilly was originally cast as an off the wall supporting character, but has jumped ship. He’ll be replaced by Malkovich who will fit right in with the cast of A-listers that include Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren. His character is described as someone who is “erratic and paranoid that everyone is out to kill him and joins Willis in is quest to find out who wants them dead.” Sounds like fun!

What do you think about Malkovich being cast in Spider-Man 4 and Red? Is he a good fit for either film?

Source: THR, Bad Taste