Do you have a few thousand hours to spare? Do you want to read the “War and Peace” of sci-fi fantasy scripts? If the answer is yes, the full screenplay for James Cameron’s juggernaut Avatar has found its way online. The biggest surprise is there’s nothing illegal about viewing the digital copy because 20th Century Fox has made it readily available and it’s free.

The screenplay for Avatar is 151 pages and covers everything you saw in theaters from beginning to end. The logic behind this release boggles me, but it might be a way for the viewers to compare the script with the final cut of the film. There might be some jewels in there that got cut out or some unused shots that could answer some questions you had after viewing the film. At this point releasing the screenplay can only help the movie’s popularity.

Avatar has already been named as the second largest worldwide grossing film of all time next to Cameron’s previous epic, Titanic. The film has brought in over 1 billion dollars stepping on the records of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest to do it. If you’ve got some time to kill you can sift through a PDF copy of the film by clicking on this link to Fox

Are you interesting in reading Avatar’s screenplay? Why do you think the studio released it to the public?